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We know that all messages are not created equal.

So whether you have great news to share, or need to reach someone urgently, it’s important to know your messages will stand out. Unlike any other messaging app, BuzzBell gives you the power to differentiate important messages by sending them with a unique and continuous BUZZ (audible vibration) or BELL (ring tone) notification that bypasses the recipient’s silent settings. Now, you never have to worry that your message will get lost amongst other notifications and can have the peace of mind that your important messages will be seen by your loved ones when it matters most.

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Differentiate your important messages

We allow you to decide how your messages are received via our unique BUZZ (audible vibration) and BELL (ring) bypass capabilities, or through standard notifications, so you never have to worry about an important message not being seen.

Communicate on your terms

BuzzBell offers ample ways to communicate with unlimited voice and video calls directly in the app whenever you want. Make BUZZ and BELL bypass video and voice calls for times when you need your calls answered. Share your favorite photos, videos, emojis, hyperlinks and attachments with your people. Mark your messages as unread when you want to give yourself a reminder to respond later. You have complete control.

Feel safe and secure

At BuzzBell, we put your safety and security above all else. BuzzBell allows you to connect more meaningfully with those who matter most. Only those who you explicitly accept will be able to get past your silent settings. Additionally, BuzzBell offers end-to-end encryption on all conversations, ensuring your data will never be accessed by anyone else. We value your data privacy - your personal data and information will never be shared with any advertisers, even if you have opt out of a subscription plan.


Peace of mind goes one step further with location sharing across iOS and Android devices.


Sometimes news needs to be shared with more than one person, so we make sure you can differentiate important messages in group chats as well as in individual conversations.


Enjoy custom BELL ringtones and hear the sound you prefer when receiving those exciting and urgent messages!


With a simple interface, BuzzBell is an easy to use messaging platform, intuitive and accessible to all, regardless of how tech-savvy you might be.

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