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For anyone who wants the comfort of knowing they can reach their people at any time, BuzzBell is the only communication platform that allows users to effectively differentiate important messages when they are sent. Unlike other messaging apps, we allow you to send messages or calls with an audible vibration (BUZZ) or ring (BELL) that bypass the receiver’s silent settings, so you can always have the peace of mind that your most important messages and calls will be immediately seen.

We know that all messages are not created equal, so we built BuzzBell to reflect that. BUZZ alerts will cause the receiver’s phone to audibly vibrate while a BELL alert will cause the phone to ring. We designed the two alerts to correspond to varying degrees of urgency and importance, as well as to be useful across a wide range of settings. That said, you get to choose who, when, why and how you BUZZ and BELL, and whether it’s a message or call.

We designed the BELL tone to get your attention, but not to startle you. Preview the default BELL notification here. Additionally, premium users are given the choice to further customize their BELL alert tone. Additional premium tones can be found under Settings, “Customize your BELL tone.”

To ensure your messages will be noticed, we added an audible vibration sound tied to the physical vibration. While we will want the BUZZ alert to grab your attention, we designed this tone to be used for less urgent situations. Preview the BUZZ notification here.

Ensuring users have control over who and how they communicate is extremely important to us. Therefore, we require a two way agreement between users before they can communicate with each other. Your contact will need to join BuzzBell and explicitly agree to communicate with you before you can start using the platform together.

We’re so glad you asked, because this is what makes BuzzBell so unique! Override technology means that even if users have their notification settings turned off, on silent or audio playing, a bypass alert will break through all of these to deliver your important messages and ensure they never go missed.  

We use the same patented technology our parent company, In-telligent, has been using since 2015 to deliver life-saving, time sensitive alerts to millions of people around the globe. You can learn more about the technology here.

BuzzBell follows all iOS guidelines. Therefore, we do not affect Do Not Disturb on iOS. If an iOS user has Do Not Disturb enabled, BUZZ/BELL alert tones will not play.

On Android, we request the user’s permission to bypass Do Not Disturb. If permission is allowed, BuzzBell will audibly break through the settings to play BUZZ/BELL alert tones.

Using BuzzBell

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To add a contact, head to the Contacts tab where you will be prompted to link your phonebook. Click the Add Contact button in the upper righthand corner. You can now easily add anyone from your phonebook or manually add users using their phone number. On the Contacts tab, you will also be able to see any pending requests you have sent and accept any invites you have received.

You can quickly and easily remove a contact by selecting ‘Disconnect from Contact’ from the Contact Info Screen. Access the Contact Info Screen through the Contacts tab or by clicking on their name and image within a message thread.

Within a message, type your message and then simply click on the BB button at the right side of the compose bar and select BUZZ or BELL. To remove or change the bypass, simply repeat these steps by clicking on the BB button again.

Click the video or audio call icon in the upper right corner of the message thread. You will then see a pop-up where you can choose the type of call you would like to make.

If you are out of the app, simply open your BuzzBell app to dismiss a BUZZ or BELL alert. If you are in the app, simply click “View” on the message pop up and the alert will stop.

Of course! You can manage your notification preferences within your Settings. Click on the more tab and then click on the settings icon in the top right. There, you can toggle On/Off the Buzz/Bell functionality if desired.

The recipient may have turned their BUZZ/BELL alert notifications off, enabled Do Not Disturb mode (iOS only) or simply be unavailable to respond at the moment. The recipient’s device may also be turned off. Be sure to look if the message has two check marks next to it. The first check mark indicates when a message has been successfully sent. The second check mark indicates when that message has been read.

There are unfortunately a few times when we won’t be able to deliver a message immediately. If a contact’s phone is off, or if they are not connected to either a cellular network or wifi service, we are unable to deliver the message in real time. They will receive the message as soon as they turn their phone on or have internet connection.

We’ve created the SOS button to help send time-sensitive alerts even quicker. A simple click and confirmation will send a BUZZ or BELL alert with a pre-scripted message to your contact. You can access the SOS feature from your main inbox by swiping left on a contact’s name or message, as well as from the Contact Information screen.

A BUZZ SOS will tell the recipient, “Hey, I’m trying to get in touch with you.” A BELL SOS will say, “Hey, I need to get in touch with you!”

iPhone users can decide whether or not their phone physically vibrates when a notification is received. In designing the BUZZ feature, we wanted to ensure you have that same power. If you would like your iPhone to physically vibrate, simply activate the vibration motor in “Sounds & Haptics” under Settings and toggle the “Vibrate on Silent” on. If you do not want your iPhone to vibrate, we respect this and will only play the audible vibration when you receive a BUZZ alert. If you are still experiencing issues and your phone isn’t vibrating, please email us at support@buzzbell.app.

After initiating a BUZZ/BELL call, if you end the call before it is answered, the recipient’s phone will continue to play the Buzz/Bell tone. This ensures that your call will be noticed as soon as possible, even if you can not remain on the line.

BuzzBell is available on Android via the Play Store and iOS via the App Store. Your device must be updated to Android 7.0+ or Apple 11.0+ to operate the app.

BuzzBell is currently available only on mobile devices. Stay tuned for more info in the future by checking out buzzbell.app/buzz-blog

My Account and Privacy

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One of our core values is inclusivity and we want BuzzBell to be accessible to everyone who has a mobile device. With this in mind, we offer a free version of the app so that anyone can use the platform for their important messages and calls. We also know that everyone has different priorities and preferences, so we offer a subscription model to cater to anyone who might prefer additional features and an ad-free version.

That is up to you! Our goal is to make sure an option exists for everyone who wants to join our platform. We want BuzzBell to be accessible to all so it was important to us that we provide an option at no cost. We also understand some users may want a more robust communication app with customizations and an ad-free experience. And of course, we know some like to opt for the cost savings option of an annual pre-pay plan. With these different choices, we hope there’s something for everyone and give you the control to choose which option is best for you!

Listen, we know – no one loves ads. But in order for BuzzBell to keep delivering your important messages securely at no cost, non-targeted ads are an important way for us to keep our business running. We’ll always be transparent with our users so you can feel confident trusting us with your important messages. Even with ads, data privacy is extremely important to us and we will never share or sell our users’ data.

All messages and calls are sent using end-to-end encryption ensuring that the only ones who ever see your important messages are you and your people.

Need to change your plan? No problem! Just click on ‘Subscription’ within the ‘More’ tab to quickly and easily change your plan.

Yes, we’ve made it that easy! All you have to do is choose a subscription plan, and your plan will automatically be renewed on that day monthly/annually based on your selection for your convenience.

For users with a premium subscription, BuzzBell allows you to view a contact’s location if they have enabled their location services.  You can manage your location settings at any time.

You can view our Privacy Policy here.

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