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How to Better Organize Your Apps To Fit Your Lifestyle

How to Better Organize Your Apps to Fit Your Lifestyle - Final

It’s officially spring, which we all know is synonymous with decluttering and tidying things up, but what’s the one area we might not think to clear that we use every day? Our cell phones. With warmer temperatures coming, now is the perfect time to clean up your home screen and have a clear mind ahead of the summer months.

While personalization with your phone is key, here are a few ways you can achieve this goal with ease: 

  1. Digital sweep – With how much we’re on our phones, it’s easy to download a lot of apps and forget about what gets lost in the homepage clutter versus what is actively used. Use this time as a way to go through things and give yourself back some much needed storage. It will make everything feel lighter, a lot more manageable and easier to find. 
  2. File with folders – Whether you’re an iOS or Android user, using folders can be a great and easy way to organize the different apps on your phone. When doing so, it can help to categorize apps by the different areas they cover (e.g. social media, transportation/travel, messaging, dining, wellness/health, etc). This will allow you have less to swipe through and will save you the time searching endlessly on your phone. Not to mention, it’s visually appealing too. 
  3. Contact refresh – Similar to apps, oftentimes our contact list can tend to pile up over the years, leaving room for numerous names and numbers of people that we might not talk to anymore. Give this a refresh by going through your phone and cleaning up any old contacts that might not be relevant anymore.  
  4. Group together your most important contacts – Now that you’ve refreshed your contacts, it’s time to utilize an app that helps you prioritize conversations that matter. Whether it’s a group chat, 1:1 conversation, voice or video call, BuzzBell is the only communication platform for friends and family that has the unique power of bypassing your contacts’ phones’ settings even if they are set to Silent. Only the contacts you mutually connect with through a handshake agreement, can reach you. This allows you to have a seamless process for getting in touch with those you care about most, no matter the scenario. 
  5. Email at zero – Some say that there are two types of people: inbox zero inclined and inbox zero adverse. While it’s easy to let your inbox get out of hand and the email number climb, we suggest setting aside an hour during your next rainy April day to get that inbox down to zero. Then, you can set a goal to keep the number at zero – clearing your inbox and your mind. 


We hope these tips will help you get started on your digital spring cleaning list and eventually make your phone, and life, feel that much more organized.

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