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Remote Learning/Working? Here’s How to Keep a Peace of Mind During Stressful Times with Buzzbell

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As we hit a little over a year since the U.S. has transitioned to remote working and learning, there’s no question that we’ve been continuously feeling the burnout associated with staring at our screens and being on video calls each day to fulfill our tasks. With video calling fatigue and work burnout, it’s easy to be distracted during the work and school day when we have a moment to ourselves to check social media and text messages.

As a result of this, many studies have shown that people are spending more time on their phones. One particular study from Screen Education estimated that the average employee spends about 2.5 hours scrolling through digital content unrelated to their profession each day. 

We’ve all been there – mindlessly scrolling on our social media apps when we’re unable to focus, leading to a snowball effect and hours spent distracted. This often leads to spending additional time into the evening doing work or spiraling because your tasks haven’t been completed. While there are ways to limit your social media scrolling, those strategies can only take you so far when your phone is pinging from other friends and family members that are facing the same feelings you are experiencing during this time.

Enter BuzzBell: your new solution to the stress this cycle brings. 

With BuzzBell, you choose who can contact you when it matters most. You can turn your phone on Silent Mode, and your loved ones can still break through the noise if they need to share important news. That way, your phone won’t be lighting up every time a friend wants to say a simple “hello,” and you can prioritize those conversations during your free time, or immediately after you ace that presentation or deliver that flawless strategy recommendation to your client. 

Here are some ways you can use BuzzBell to keep phone distraction and multitasking at bay:

Connect with your loved ones. 

Make sure the people you need to stay in touch with have downloaded BuzzBell. Have them agree to the handshake agreement to mutually grant access so you can send messages to each other. Give them work or school day boundaries around when they should make sure to send you a Buzz or a Bell, so you’ll know when they need you most and can unplug from chats with a peace of mind that important messages will reach you.  

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Share your schedule.

Send a quick message to your loved ones before your class or important work meeting starts, so they’re aware that you won’t be able to answer. Keeping them in the know and staying connected around when you might be out of pocket is important to staying on a productive track.

Don’t shut your phone off. 

You can keep your phone on Silent Mode, but avoid shutting off your phone completely since your friends and family won’t be able to reach you with BuzzBell if your phone is off. 

Schedule free time during your work or school day.

Lastly, it shouldn’t be all work and no play. Set times aside for you to take breaks and do something to decompress, such as reading a book, calling a friend, or going for a walk. Make sure to put these breaks in your calendar to hold yourself accountable. With BuzzBell, if you continue to have your phone on Silent, you’ll be able to unwind and answer messages when it’s convenient for you.

Now you can work or study with less distractions and more of a peace of mind, relying on BuzzBell to alert you of any important messages. 

Try BuzzBell for free. Now available on the Google Play Store and will soon be available on the App Store.

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