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Welcome to Buzzbell! The App That Ensures You Never Miss An Important Message Again

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BuzzBell allows you to bypass silent to reach your trusted inner circle.

Welcome to BuzzBell, your new go-to messaging platform for connecting with your people – anytime, anywhere. Designed to give you the power to differentiate important messages from the rest, BuzzBell offers you peace of mind that your most important messages will be immediately noticed by your trusted circle. 

As we continue to navigate life in a global pandemic, staying connected with our loved ones is more important than ever before, but sometimes breaking through the noise of our virtual world and busy day to day can make it challenging. Whether you’re trying to let your friends know you got the offer for your dream job, sharing exciting pregnancy news with your family, or just want to send an encouraging message to a friend before they start the day, it’s easy to have these things go unnoticed amidst all of the digital noise. These moments can be difficult and even frustrating to manage, which is where BuzzBell comes into play. 

BuzzBell was created to help alleviate these challenging moments by allowing users to bypass the recipient’s silent settings with the use of a BUZZ or a BELL. With its audible vibration (BUZZ) or custom ringtone (BELL), BuzzBell is the only communication platform that gives users the power to differentiate important messages to break through the noise of everyday life. BuzzBell also allows you to make voice and video calls within the app, creating more personalized communication, so now both you and that mom to be can find peace of mind knowing you’ll be able to get in touch more easily and have your messages and calls seen and heard. 


“We are living through unprecedented times, making it more imperative than ever for people to be able to disconnect from their phones without feeling anxious that they might miss something important,” Allan Sutherland, founder, CEO and president of In-telligent, developer of the BuzzBell app said. “Our hope is that with BuzzBell, users can find more time to unwind with the comfort of being able to distinguish when someone close to them truly requires their attention versus the ding of just another notification adding to the clutter.”

Along with its unique alert capabilities, security and privacy is a top priority for us at BuzzBell. We know how important it is to make sure you’re communicating securely and safely. That’s why all messages and calls in BuzzBell are protected with end-to-end encryption, ensuring the conversations can never be accessed by anyone else except the intended recipient – not even us! Also, just to make sure you’re only communicating with people you approve of, BuzzBell utilizes a handshake agreement for all communications. In order to chat, you have to mutually grant access to send messages to one other. You know what this means: no unwanted messages from a stranger!

Download now! BuzzBell is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese for download via the Google Play Store  and will soon be available on the Apple App Store.

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